3 Misconceptions about the Open Source Enterprise E-Commerce Platforms in the United Kingdom

//3 Misconceptions about the Open Source Enterprise E-Commerce Platforms in the United Kingdom

Are you wondering about the best school to attend to start selling online? If yes, you don’t have to go for training to start this business. It is easy to begin and requires a few elements. An online store, a smartphone and internet access are the basic needs of e-commerce. However, creating a professional online store from scratch can lead to errors. In this essence, you need to consider enterprise e-commerce platforms. They come with features that will allow you to start your business without encountering challenges. You can decide to go for the open source platform or the hosted. It will depend on your business needs. Some misconceptions about the open source platforms are rising and will make you run a business of low return. Here they are:

Open source platforms are not suitable for enterprise businesses

No matter the size of your business, the open source platform will ensure that you achieve your goals. It has many customization options to allow you to modify your site according to your business needs. It will offer you an opportunity to add advanced features as well as elements that will enhance its functionality. Open source enterprise e-commerce platforms work well for enterprise businesses. They are highly scalable to improve your business growth. With this, you will not face the challenges of your website collapsing.

Open source enterprise e-commerce platforms will work well only for the experts

Although the open source platforms require a lot of coding, it doesn’t mean that the newbies without knowledge cannot use them. These platforms want every retailer to succeed in their businesses. Thus, they offer different options for creating a professional e-commerce website. If you get challenges when designing your site, there is a plug-in solution that will help you. It will allow you to build a fully functional site without hiring a designer.

Open source platforms are not reliable when it comes to security

This misconception makes many retailers go for the enterprise e-commerce platforms that do not enhance their business growth. However, in terms of security, the open source platforms are excellent. They will offer you a chance to select a hosting that will cater to all your business needs. Also, they have the SSL certification to ensure that all sensitive data transferred between your website and your customers’ browsers are encrypted. Unlike the other enterprise e-commerce platforms, the open source platforms offer a wide range of plug-ins to enable retailers to integrate third-party payment gateways into their sites. With this, customers will make safe purchases.